Custom Jewelry is Exclusive

There once was a time when jewelers created unique wedding rings to commemorate the weddings of royalty. Today, most couples settle for choosing from among the rings at the jewelry store at their local mall. Custom jewelry design is not a thing of the past, however. Every day, couples pledge their love to each other with custom designed wedding rings. What better way is there to say to each other and to the world that your love is like no other?

It All Starts with You

A custom designed ring starts with you. Your preferences, your tastes, your lifestyle, your work and even the unique shape of your hand all have an impact on the design you and I, as your personal jeweler, will create together.

A Ring Like No Other

Once I understand what makes you unique, the next step is to create a one-of-a-kind ring design. Then I will carve a full-size, three-dimensional wax model of your ring that you can hold in your hand, turn to look at in the light and imagine on your finger on the most important day of your life. If you would like any modifications, I can incorporate them into the design at this time. If you are delighted with the ring as it is, we will proceed with casting.

When We Make Your Ring, We Break the Mold

The next step is casting your ring in the precious metal of your choice. The gemstones you have chosen are then set. The final step is engraving fine details and creating the finish of your choice. The result is a ring that no other bride or groom has ever worn.

“My Cousin’s Ring Cost Less. Why is That?”

This is a question every personal jeweler has heard from time to time. It’s a question that is especially awkward to answer if the cousin is present. Every day, couples buy rings online or from jewelry stores. Most of the time, these rings are beautiful in spite of the fact that they are not unique. A quick comparison between a mass-produced ring and a custom-designed ring reveals some important differences, however. My rings are heavy and durable. Often, mass-produced rings have hollow shanks and thin gem settings to make them cheaper to produce. They may use lower-quality gemstones. In addition, mass-producers cannot afford to add such key details as hand-engraved patterns. In fact, they often focus on how the ring looks from only one angle and practically ignore the rest of it. Considering these facts, it should come as no surprise that custom-designed rings often cost more than jewelry-store rings.

Is a Custom-Designed Ring Right for You?

There is nothing wrong with purchasing a mass-produced wedding ring. In fact, many couples do just that. If you feel the ordinary is not enough to do justice to the love and commitment you and your fiancé feel for each other and you would like help creating a beautiful, custom-designed wedding ring that is like no other ring on earth, contact me, your personal jeweler.

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