Investment Diamonds

For twenty plus years we have been helping people purchase diamonds as an investment instrument. The world is starting to realize the merit of the idea.

The current issue (Febuary-March 2013) of Worth magazine has an extensive article on the subject: “How to Invest in Diamonds”.

Loose diamonds have averaged a 6.2% annualized return over the period of 1999-2010 according to the magazine. I have seen that steady rate for decades.

Not all diamonds will increase in value. There are certainly those that are better investments than others. But there are plans that can work for almost any pocketbook or risk tolerance.

The biggest factor in making a purchase at the right price to allow for growth is who you buy from. How close can you get to the source?

Diamond Dealer Direct says it all, right there in our name. You cannot get any closer. We are the retail division of Gerson & Horowitz, diamond merchants to the trade for over 75 years.

Talk with your accountant. See if diversification is right for your portfolio. Give us a call and talk. We will answer all of your questions.

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