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Razzle Dazzle – Oscars Diamonds

You saw the dazzle, you saw the sparkle. Your eyes went wide, your mouth said “OH!”

In came the close-up as Miss Star of the Moment thanked everyone she has ever met in life and we stared at the magnificent piece of diamond jewelry she wore.

Jealousy raged and you wish you could own that sparkler. YOU CAN!!

Most of what you see at the Oscars is borrowed from us and many other jewelers. Over the years I have received the morning after phone call, “Can I get a piece like she was wearing last night?” My answer never ceases to amaze and always pleases. “Not like. I can get you THE piece she was wearing last night.”

Yes, those beautiful pieces are back in inventory. We know where and can get them at a fraction of the cost quoted on the red carpet. It is all a phone call away.

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